About Me

Shelly Rafferty is an exceptional Psychic, Evidential Medium, and Master Manifestor. Based in Sydney, Australia, she is a dedicated mum to 3 beautiful girls and their pups. A dog lover at heart with a passion for chocolate and being at the beach or out in the sun to recharge, Shelly is a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that every person can co-create with the universe to manifest miracles.

Born with a natural ability to intuitively obtain psychic information, Shelly has always known she had a gift. Early in life, societal influence and a general lack of belief in psychism and mediumship kept Shelly from fully developing her abilities, however, claircognizance (also known as clear knowing) has always remained a permanent staple in her personal life. Relying heavily on intuition and clear knowing throughout much of her life laid the foundation for Shelly to grow and develop into the amazing and accurate psychic she is today.

While claircognizance has always had its place in her life, It was a series of life changing events and a 5 year long battle with a life threatening illness that compelled Shelly to fully embrace all aspects of her spiritual gifts. It was at this point that Shelly began to realize she had a profound longing to help those who are grieving find healing and closure through her gift of evidential mediumship. She has the ability to provide evidence that we are eternal and there is life after physical death. To date, she has helped thousands of people navigate their way through grief and assisted them in finding closure, healing, and forgiveness.

In addition to her amazing psychic abilities and her passion for connecting those who are grieving to their loved ones in spirit, Shelly also has a deeply rooted belief in the power of our thoughts and our ability to manifest positive outcomes in life. She also aspires to help others raise their vibration and realize their full potential in an effort to live life as their true and authentic selves. Shelly offers a wide range of services including: Psychic Guidance, Evidential Mediumship, Manifestation Coaching, Raise Your Vibration, and Spiritual Development for those looking to open up and strengthen their own spiritual abilities.

Social Media:

Shelly has a strong social media presence on TikTok and Instagram, where followers are offered free spirit guided readings on the live. Go follow her today and catch her next time she’s live!